in Arizona's Chiricahua Mountains during late winter
Hopefully, the Bendire's Thrasher posted here is not just a Curve-billed Thrasher, which is common near the locality where the video was taken.
46 sMontezuma Quail  covey of many females and few males walking up a hill
16 sAcorn Woodpecker  advancing up a trunk
42 sStrickland's Woodpecker  male feeding
10 sStrickland's Woodpecker  female foraging
29 sHairy Woodpecker  female foraging along a branch
9 sNorthern Flicker  looking around for an owl
57 sWhiskered Screech-Owl  hopping and hooting
38 sWhiskered Screech-Owl  hooting about 30 feet up in a tree
66 sNorthern Pygmy-Owl  calling and reacting to another individual
13 sCooper's Hawk  immature watching above a feeder
37 sGolden Eagle  adult taking flight in front of the Chiricahua Mountains
9 sMexican Jay  feeding on bird seed
49 sBendire's Thrasher  singing with front in view
24 sCurve-billed Thrasher  singing once from a shrub
27 sWhite-breasted Nuthatch  watching from a tree trunk
24 sMexican Chickadee  foraging among in the low foliage of a tree
32 sHorned Lark  singing and feeding
31 sOlive Warbler  female foraging and catching a caterpillar
51 sLesser Goldfinch  males and females feeding at a thistle sock
65 sChestnut-collared Longspur  winter male and female feeding
39 sYellow-eyed Junco  expressing alarm
23 sBrewer's Sparrow  singing from afar
21 sGreen-tailed Towhee  forcing another off its post
9 sPainted Redstart  flashing its tail in response to possible predator
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