by Paul Conover
Paul Conover introduced me to bird videography back in 1992, when I found Louisiana's first Blue-throated Hummingbird.   Many of Paul's videos are distinguished by great close-ups shot through a moving spotting scope (not an easy task!).  - Malcolm Mark Swan
10 sYellow Warbler  immature looking around
18 sChestnut-sided Warbler  male foraging in April
31 sChestnut-sided Warbler  male foraging and eating an inchworm in April
43 sChestnut-sided Warbler  male with one eye tugging on spider web in April
43 sCape May Warbler  female sipping nectar from honeysuckle blooms in April
19 sYellow-rumped Warbler  juvenile of Audubon's race perched quiety in August
19 sYellow-rumped Warbler  female of Audubon's race foraging in November
48 sYellow-rumped Warbler  immatures feeding on pecans on the ground
40 sYellow-rumped Warbler  immatures feeding on pecans on the ground
9 sYellow-rumped Warbler  immature looking around during Spring
15 sYellow-rumped Warbler  adult female surviving without a tail during Spring
37 sBlack-throated Green Warbler  adult male in April feeding perhaps on aphids
36 sBlack-throated Green Warbler  adult male in April feeding perhaps on aphids
10 sBlack-throated Green Warbler  adult male foraging in April
19 sBlack-throated Green Warbler  immature bathing in the Fall
18 sBlackburnian Warbler  adult male foraging in the Spring
11 sBlackburnian Warbler  adult female foraging during Spring
71 sBlackburnian Warbler  adult female preening after a bath during Spring
27 sYellow-throated Warbler  adult in April resting during migration
22 sGrace's Warbler  male feeding on an insect and singing
8 sPine Warbler  immature in June looking around and wiping bill against a branch
45 sPrairie Warbler  adult male in April foraging (and perhaps catching a small insect)
12 sPrairie Warbler  adult female foraging in April
16 sBay-breasted Warbler  adult male foraging in April
27 sBlackpoll Warbler  adult male in April foraging and eating
15 sBlackpoll Warbler  adult male in April eating an inchworm
18 sCerulean Warbler  adult male in April singing and foraging
35 sCerulean Warbler  male foraging near the ground in April
16 sCerulean Warbler  male in April foraging and getting wing caught in a twig
38 sCerulean Warbler  male foraging in April
18 sAmerican Redstart  adult female and young male (?) resting
24 sWorm-eating Warbler  adult catching a grub and foraging on the ground during Spring
21 sWorm-eating Warbler  adult catching a spider (?) and foraging on the ground during Spring
37 sWorm-eating Warbler  adult foraging under leaves during Spring
25 sWorm-eating Warbler  adult during Spring showing signs of exhaustion
6 sWorm-eating Warbler  adult in April foraging on a limb
24 sOvenbird  adult walking during Spring
29 sOvenbird  adult standing in place and looking around and and yawning (?) during Spring
21 sNorthern Waterthrush  adult feeding on worms during Spring
14 sNorthern Waterthrush  adult bobbing in one place during Spring
5 sNorthern Waterthrush  adult walking while foraging during Spring
34 sNorthern Waterthrush  adult eating and foraging during Spring
48 sNorthern Waterthrush  adult bobbing on a branch during Spring (cf. Louisiana Waterthrush - lawa85ab)
50 sLouisiana Waterthrush  adult preening during Spring
36 sLouisiana Waterthrush  adult bobbing in place and another walking during Spring (white flanks of bobber suggest Northern W.)
47 sLouisiana Waterthrush  adult foraging during Spring (white flanks & narrow breast streaks suggest Northern Waterthrush)
21 sLouisiana Waterthrush  adult foraging while walking during Spring
41 sLouisiana Waterthrush  adult resting during Spring
23 sCommon Yellowthroat  female preening after a bath during Spring
10 sHooded Warbler  adult male sitting quietly during Spring
28 sRose-breasted Grosbeak  adult male resting in April
22 sBlack-headed Grosbeak  adult male feeding with Lark Sparrow in July
31 sBlue Grosbeak  adult male eating on the ground during Spring
13 sIndigo Bunting  adult male feeding during Spring
29 sIndigo Bunting  adult male singing during Spring
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