at BRAUNIG LAKE in Bexar County southeast of San Antonio, Texas
These are video clips, so high-speed Internet (such as DSL or Cable) is almost essential.
The clips (normal speed) are in MPEG1 Format, which most players and Internet browser plugins can play.
Wait 2-5 minutes for longer clips (s = seconds).
You can download these MPEGs to your drive (Right- or control-click link to Save Link).
-------ATTENTION: The first 5 flips are SLOW MOTION  
7 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult flying, showing both upper and lower wing feathers
8 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult overhead showing spread tail and underwings
9 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult flying, showing upperparts and spread tail
20 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult taking flight with a Laughing Gull
5 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult overhead but video jerky
32 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult swooping low and flying with upper wings reflecting light
9 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult approaching overhead
5 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult slowly circling at a distance
4 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult swinging around to reveal upperparts
24 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult swimming with a Laughing Gull, then taking flight with it
5 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult - poor shot - shot light reflectance of upper wings
8 sLong-tailed Jaeger  subadult circling close overhead
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