Fork-tailed Flycatcher Tyrannus savana in Texas, which, pending scientific review, would represent the 19th record for the state.

High-definition (HDV) and Enhanced-definition (DV) video clips are listed last.

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This "lost" bird (vagrant) from South America visisted The Nature Conservancy Lennox Foundation Southmost Preserve for 2 weeks. Observed by over 200 people, it was discovered by Chris Butler and Max Pons on 16 March 2008 while another was present at Sabine Pass, Texas, on the same weekend. The first 3 files (colored below) show identical footage but vary in frame size and megabytes (MB). The remaining clips are very brief, are about 1-3 MB, and lack annotation. With the exception of the first 3 files, the clips are named according to frame numbers, showing the outer 3 primaries of the wings, which Mark Lockwood of the Texas Bird Records Committee used to determine the subspecies Tyrannus savana savana of South America. Camera settings are on the clips, which are listed below

19 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   perched - 240p Annoyingly small - 1 MB download
19 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   perched - 480p Enhanced-definition (DV) - 4 MB download
19 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   perched - 720p High-definition (but not 1080p) - 9 MB download
3 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Look at frame 31 - left wing
6 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   yawning quickly
2 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   yawning bigger
6 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   female Great-tailed Grackle flies by
2 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Look at frame 36 - left wing
2 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Look at frame 30 - right wing
2 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   taking flight
4 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Holding on tight in the wind
2 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Taking note of a fly
3 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   shaking up its plumage
3 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Note the brown wing coverts
4 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Note Nictating eye membrane blocking sun glare
3 sFork-tailed Flycatcher   Look at frame 39 - right wing
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