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at WARBLER WOODS northeast of San Antonio, Texas
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23 sBlack-chinned Hummingbird  female preening on a branch after a bath
7 sMississippi Kite  adult soaring high, then flapping its wings
13 sYellow-bellied Flycatcher  adult flicking wings and tail
22 sYellow-bellied Flycatcher  adult preening after a bath
48 sWhite-eyed Vireo  pair bathing in flight
20 sBlue-headed Vireo  adult peering downward from branches
38 sBlue-headed Vireo  adult looking around from its perch on a branch
8 sBlue-headed Vireo  adult flying down to pull up just above a pond
15 sBlue-headed Vireo  adult shaking wings before flying down to water
17 sPhiladelphia Vireo  adult after flight bath, looking to do another flight
37 sSwainson's Thrush  adult bathing and ruffling feathers to dry
12 sGrey Catbird  male pumping its tail and looking down before leaping down from its branch
7 sRuby-crowned Kinglet  female perched above bathing area
13 sRuby-crowned Kinglet  female perched above bathing area
19 sSpotted Towhee  female looking around and hopping to another branch
9 sSpotted Towhee  female looking around before flying down
26 sNashville Warbler  male hopping from branch to branch flicking wings and tail
12 sYellow Warbler  male perched above bathing area
13 sChestnut-sided Warbler  male perched above bathing area
24 sMagnolia Warbler  male flying down to water, then flying upward
5 sBlack-throated Green Warbler  male flying down to water
18 sCerulean Warbler  female foraging in foliage, pecking at possible insects
25 sCerulean Warbler  female pounding a caterpillar against a branch
12 sCerulean Warbler  female probing ball moss for food
18 sCerulean Warbler  female peering downward, then hopping along a limb
40 sBlack-and-white Warbler  male lunging and hopping on a small branch
32 sAmerican Redstart  male flying down to examine its reflection in the water
20 sWilson's Warbler  male foraging and calling from dense foliage
26 sNorthern Cardinal  male looking around from its perch on a branch
12 sNorthern Cardinal  females showing antagonistic behavior
18 sPainted Bunting  female looking around from its branch
30 sPainted Bunting  male flying down to perch on rocks near water
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