visiting San Antonio Texas to escape a cold snap
Featuring rare prairie birds discovered by Bob Doe in January 2007: Mountain Plovers, a Sprague's Pipit, and a very distant longspur shot through a 30x telescope and enlarged by software to remove vignetting.
 13sMountain Plover  running in a field
 7sMountain Plover  chasing a Killdeer
 41sMountain Plover  feeding in a field
 7sMountain Plover  chasing another into flight
 28sSprague's Pipit  walking in the median of a country road
 10sMcCown's Longspur  flock flying but not close
 28sMcCown's Longspur  male preening but videotaped through a spotting scope at 300 feet
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