within Ogle County at the Lowden-Miller State Forest and nearby fields
Ogle county's avifauna has changed since the 60's, 70's, and 80's. I led Ogle County's Spring Bird Counts from 1971 to 1985.
My 2007 visit grew my Ogle list to 239 by 4: Pileated Woodpecker, Hooded Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, and Pine Warbler.
Jack Keegan mentioned seeing the woodpecker, but the warblers just weren't here in those days, at least not as breeding birds.
I didn't encounter any Worm-eatings at Site 36, and I blame cicadas on drowning out any Cerulean Warblers. (Malcolm Mark Swan)
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32 sView of Beaver gnawings  looking toward the Rock River
30 sGreat Spangled Fritillary  butterfly feeding on red clover flowers
42 sPeriodical Cicada  adults walking and flying with many others heard singing
73 sWild Turkey  males spreading tails and females walking nearby
21 sPileated Woodpecker  male preening from atop a 25-foot snag
55 sBroad-winged Hawk  adult harassed by crows, uttering an alarm cackle
10 sAcadian Flycatcher  male looking around, flying up, then trilling out of view
24 sAcadian Flycatcher  male calling and singing, then trilling out of view
16 sAcadian Flycatcher  male flying, calling, and singing
20 sAcadian Flycatcher  adult calling repeatedly
6 sEastern Kingbird  adult taking flight from a fence wire
35 sYellow-throated Vireo  male singing and hopping up a bare branch
18 sYellow-throated Vireo  male singing, then preening and singing a little
9 sVeery  male pumping tail up when flicking its wings
33 sVeery  male singing from forest undergrowth
25 sVeery  male (presumably) vibrating its throat
23 sVeery  male singing in reaction to hearing a tape
43 sSedge Wren  male singing from a fence wire
21 sTree Swallow  adult feeding young in a nest box
23 sNorthern Rough-winged Swallow  adult perched on a branch overlooking the Rock River
36 sSavannah Sparrow  male singing softly on a fence wire
31 sBlue-winged Warbler  male calling and twitching its tail
27 sBlue-winged Warbler  distant male singing from an exposed perch
58 sBlue-winged Warbler  male singing and preening from an exposed perch
18 sYellow Warbler  male carrying food to young (not visible)
15 sYellow Warbler  immature male foraging and calling
22 sChestnut-sided Warbler  male singing about 30 feet high in a tall pine with deciduous understory
46 sChestnut-sided Warbler  male singing about 30 feet high in a tall pine with deciduous understory
32 sBlack-throated Green Warbler  male singing and foraging high in canopy
17 sBlack-throated Green Warbler  male singing and foraging high in canopy
68 sAmerican Redstart  female calling and feeding a fledgling Brown-headed Cowbird
50 sOvenbird  male singing on dead branch in the forest understory
50 sHooded Warbler  male singing from a branch in the forest midstory
33 sScarlet Tanager  male singing at rather close range
13 sScarlet Tanager  male singing once before flying down
16 sScarlet Tanager  male hopping sideways along a branch
33 sDickcissel  male flipping around while singing from a telephone wire
25 sDickcissel  male singing on a telephone wire
13 sRose-breasted Grosbeak  female callling in the presence of many loud cicadas
4 sRose-breasted Grosbeak  male taking flight, showing underwing
36 sRose-breasted Grosbeak  female calling
23 sRose-breasted Grosbeak  male singing
29 sWestern Meadowlark  adult uttering two different calls
70 sBobolink  male singing atop a bush in a hedgerow (by a grain field)
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