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at HAZEL BAZEMORE PARK in Nueces County northwest of Corpus Christi, Texas
Discovered 6 Nov 07 by Clay Taylor, this bird may represent the 6th Texas record.
27 sGray Kingbird  catching a wasp and swallowing it
13 sGray Kingbird  perched on a wire near a distant Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
21 sGray Kingbird  watching from a wire, then flying directly right
6 sGray Kingbird  watching from a wire, then flying down right
23 sGray Kingbird  watching from a wire, then flying down left
at a  ROADSIDE, PRIVATELY-OWNED POND in Live Oak County near Orange Grove, Texas
Discovered 23 October 2007 by Ron West of Sandia, this brood represents one of the few USA breeding records.
13 sMasked Duck  immature surfacing and diving for food at a distance
12 sMasked Duck  immatures (4) swimming together
69 sMasked Duck  immatures (6) swimming together
9 sMasked Duck  immature surfacing near another, then diving
11 sMasked Duck  immature surfacing and another diving
13 sMasked Duck  immature swimming from left to right
8 sMasked Duck  immature diving while facing recordist
29 sMasked Duck  immature diving, surfacing, and diving again
16 sMasked Duck  immatures surfacing before diving again
25 sMasked Duck  immatures preening side by side behind vegetation
30 sMasked Duck  immature flapping its wings while another preens
29 sMasked Duck  immatures preening and swimming behind vegetation
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