of Bexar County Texas - October and November 2006
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72 sBlack-bellied Whistling-Duck  attacking Turkey Vulture
15 sSnow Goose  (2) with Greater White-fronted geese
24 sRoss's Goose  (3) with Greater White-fronted geese
24 sRoss's Goose  (3) with Greater White-fronted geese
11 sCanvasback  male swimming alone
11 sCanvasback  male with a Blue-winged Teal
30 sCanvasback  female swim-flapping
31 sRedhead  males and females bobbing heads
37 sRedhead  males and females swimming by
37 sGreater Scaup  females or young males feeding
20 sLesser Scaup  female and male swim-flapping
34 sBufflehead  swimming beyond an Eared Grebe
21 sHooded Merganser  male and female taking flight
14 sHooded Merganser  male taking flight
32 sLadder-backed Woodpecker  male feeding
46 sCommon Moorhen  foraging - note the pale bill
19 sWilson's Snipe  feeding then flushing - note tail spot
43 sForster's Tern  calling and showing dark carpal bar
18 sForster's Tern  showing dark carpal bar
17 sNorthern Harrier  female taking flight
9 sNorthern Harrier  female taking flight
13 sPeregrine Falcon  taking flight from snag
34 sNeotropic Cormorant  fluffing its breeding plumage
28 sDouble-crested Cormorant  jumping into the lake
32 sDouble-crested Cormorant  holding its wings to dry
35 sBlack Vulture  preening a Crested Caracara
38 sBlack Vulture  preening a Crested Caracara
15 sEastern Phoebe  calling two different notes
35 sEastern Phoebe  singing in the early winter
12 sSay's Phoebe  yawning
16 sSay's Phoebe  taking flight after an insect
17 sLoggerhead Shrike  sitting quietly before taking flight
30 sCarolina Wren  singing on a fence
18 sGrasshopper Sparrow  hiding from a predator
30 sRed-winged Blackbird  flock feeding on wild seeds
38 sWestern Meadowlark  showing interest in videographer
58 sGreat-tailed Grackle  flock roosting on a parking garage
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