in Klebert County at Mittag Lake about 4 miles ENE of Riviera, Texas (waterbirds and Bullock's Oriole)
in Cameron County at Heather Ave and Cowan Terrace E (Green Parakeet, Red-eyed Vireo, Blackburnian Warbler, Great Kiskadee)
in Cameron County at N Dakota Ave and Boca Chica Blvd (Tamaulipas Crow)
in Willacy County about 13 miles E of Raymondville, Texas (Botteri's Sparrow, Alder Flycatcher)
in Hidalgo County at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge (Olive Sparrow)
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39 sMasked Duck  male and female swimming together
26 sMasked Duck  male and female swimming together
33 sMasked Duck  male and female swimming together
34 sMasked Duck  male looking alert and then swimming away
15 sMasked Duck  male swimming and then diving among Wilson's Phalarope
47 sMasked Duck  female feeding on surface matter in front of coots and a Ruddy Duck, then diving in front of a female Ruddy
19 sMasked Duck  female swimming up to a Ruddy Duck female, then diving
33 sMasked Duck  male sleeping and preening as a male Gadwall swims by, also preening
33 sGreen Parakeet  two adults preening in a tree and calling during take-off
22 sHudsonian Godwit  adult flapping wings for an instant, then feeding at lake edge
32 sHudsonian Godwit  adult feeding, then taking flight
26 sFranklin's Gull  flock flying and calling
13 sLeast Grebe  adults singing while swimming alongside each other
23 sLeast Grebe  adults approaching, singing, and swimming away
35 sPied-billed Grebe  male swimming and singing
23 sNeotropic Cormorant  adult shaking its wings to dry
26 sAlder Flycatcher  adult preening with another calling in background
16 sAlder Flycatcher  adult stretching wing and tail with another calling in background
33 sGreat Kiskadee  adult singing and preening its wing
22 sGreat Kiskadee  adult preening on telephone wire
12 sRed-eyed Vireo  male singing in dense foliage
19 sTamaulipas Crow  adult preening while Plain Chachalacas sing
22 sTamaulipas Crow  adult flying to lower perch and calling a little bit
111 sTamaulipas Crow  adult preening while I explain why people come here
30 sTamaulipas Crow  adult preening and calling
39 sTamaulipas Crow  adult singing repeatedly
29 sTamaulipas Crow  adult singing repeatedly
17 sTamaulipas Crow  adult preening its tail
48 sTamaulipas Crow  adult preening, stretching wing, calling, and jumping to a higher post
54 sBotteri's Sparrow  male singing
46 sBotteri's Sparrow  male singing
19 sOlive Sparrow  adult calling (sounds like Orange-crowned Warbler)
22 sBlackburnian Warbler  female foraging low in tree foliage
35 sBullock's Oriole  adult male calling
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