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The following clips are my first set of 2006 Bexar County (Texas) birds, posted only in QuickTime MOV format and listed without pictures. Don't link to these clips, because I will be reformatting this page and and its file paths as time permits.

Malcolm Mark Swan

©2006 by ManyBirds

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26 JANUARY 2006

Lesser Black-backed Gull - 7 MB clip  2nd winter bird discovered at Calaveras Lake by M M Swan
  JPEGS for dialup modems users

14-15-16 JANUARY 2006

White Pelican  flock flying in formation above Mitchell Lake
Great Egret  stalking at Southside Lions Park, San Antonio
Snowy Egret  POOR VIDEO
Wood Duck  drake swimming in San Antonio River at Ave. A
Gadwall  drake preening and swimming at Southside Lions Park, San Antonio
American Wigeon  drake calling and swimming at Southside Lions Park
Northern Shoveler  swimming drake, hen, younger male at Southside Lions Park
Cinnamon Teal  two drakes at Calaveras Lake
Sharp-shinned Hawk  TERRIBLE VIDEO
Harris's Hawk  taking off from perch at Mitchell Lake
Red-tailed Hawk  belly colored like Red-shouldered Hawk
Northern Caracara  bird in flight
Black Vulture  too early to fly
Black-necked Stilt  wading at Mitchell Lake
American Avocet  lone bird at Mitchell Lake
Wilson's Phalarope  lone bird at Mitchell Lake January 14
Wilson's Snipe  poor video of feeding bird
Greater Yellowlegs  wading
Long-billedDowitcher  POOR VIDEO but listen to the diagnostic peeping
White-winged Dove  blue eye shadow
Eurasian Collared-Dove  boring video in the wind - Hwy 90 and Mechler Ln
Ladder-backed Woodpecker  female at work
Downy Woodpecker  POOR VIDEO
Say's Phoebe  2.33 miles S of hwy 90 along Mechler Ln N
Vermilion Flycatcher  spectacular male - spectacular footage at Lake Mitchell
Couch's Kingbird  discovered at Southside Lions Park, San Antonio, by M M Swan
Blue-headed Vireo  poor video of two birds
European Starling  dark view but nice song
Cedar Waxwing  first ones I've seen this winter in San Antonio
Loggerhead Shrike  high wire act
Northern Mockingbird  close-up
AmericanRobin  POOR VIDEO
Eastern Bluebird  boring but pretty - 1.65 miles S of hwy 90 along Jungman Rd
Winter Wren  evening shots at Southside Lions Park, San Antonio
Ruby-crowned Kinglet  female scolding
Pine Warbler  POOR VIDEO
Wilson's Warbler  male at Ave. A in San Antonio
TROPICAL PARULA  Mike Creese discovery at Ave. A, San Antonio
Orange-crowned Warbler  foraging by flying up and back
Western Meadowlark  winter walker - notice narrow tail corners at end of clip
Great-tailed Grackle  beautiful bather
Northern Cardinal  female eating berries     Northern Cardinal  three adult males
White-crowned Sparrow  adult ground feeding     White-crowned Sparrow  alert immature
White-throated Sparrow  POOR VIDEO
House Sparrow  POOR VIDEO
American Goldfinch  two feeding on winged seeds

7-8 JANUARY 2006

Northern Pintail  wary drake at Calaveras Lake
Mallard  poor video of two pair swimming away
Cinnamon Teal  two fine drakes at Calaveras Lake
Redhead  drakes and hen at Calaveras Lake
Turkey Vulture  flying away
Red-shouldered Hawk  hand-held but shake removed
GLAUCOUS GULL  Discovered by Mike Creese at Calaveras Lake
Eastern Phoebe  curious about the owl tape
American Pipit  strange perch - nice tail shot
Bewick's Wren  pair on the nature trail sign at Calaveras Lake
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher  poor footage of a foraging bird
Black-crested Titmouse  boring portrait
Carolina Chickadee  calling birds at Calaveras Lake nature trail
Golden-crowned Kinglet  poor video of a female at Ave. A, San Antonio
Verdin  Superb male calling around
White-eyed Vireo  adult looking for the owl tape
Yellow-rumped Warbler  feeding on seeds inside a tallow berry
SpottedTowhee  female curious about the owl tape
Pyrrhuloxia  boring shot of beautiful male
Field Sparrow  curious about the owl tape

1-2 JANUARY 2006

Golden-fronted Woodpecker  a very dull female
Carolina Wren  singing like its springtime
European Starling  winter fluffer - too much zoom, though