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wmvmp4MP4Grey Partridge*evening strollwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Pheasant*loud flushwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Mute Swan*cygnets under carewhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Greylag Goose*family out for a walkwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Shelduck*ducklings on the lakewhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Mandarin Duck*preening for herwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Garganey*pair swimmingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Red-crested Pochard*pair dabblingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Middle Spotted Woodpecker*feeding nestlingswhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Great Spotted Woodpecker*feeding nestlingswhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Syrian Woodpecker*feeding nestlingswhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Eurasian Green Woodpecker*squirrel actionwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Great Bustard*distant videowhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Coot*learning to eatwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Black-tailed Godwit*taking flightwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Redshank*posting an alarmwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Wood Sandpiper*foragingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Sandpiper*foragingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Pied Avocet*shake it babywhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Little Ringed Plover*foragingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Northern Lapwing*sounds upsetwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Black-headed Gull*not wine tastingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Mediterranean Gull*distant videowhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Little Gull*flying aroundwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Kestrel*pouncingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Eurasian Hobby*cruising bywhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Grey Heron*taking flightwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Purple Heron*one passing bywhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Great Egret*masked lurkerwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Red-backed Shrike*huntingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Eurasian Jackdaw*two at the quarrywhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Ring Ouzel*anxious adultwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Spotted Flycatcher*sudden launchwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Nightingale*singingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Black Redstart*housetop singerwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4European Stonechat*male chirpingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Wood Nuthatch*vertical preeningwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Eurasian Penduline-Tit*male at the nestwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Coal Tit*scolding a camerawhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Northern House-Martin*ready to flywhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Eurasian River Warbler*singing nonstopwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Sedge Warbler*singingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Marsh Warbler*singingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Great Reed-Warbler*big singerwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Icterine Warbler*singingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Chiffchaff*singingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Chiffchaff*calling & singingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Bonelli's Warbler*singingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Whitethroat*distant singerwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Barred Warbler*bush singerwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Eurasian Sky-lark*taking flightwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4White Wagtail*food for babieswhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4European Serin*singing for winewhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4European Greenfinch*calling friendswhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Common Redpoll*pink thingwhat   when   where   state   ©
wmvmp4MP4Reed Bunting*male on watchwhat   when   where   state   ©
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