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Choose from 1 to 3 jpegs from some of the DV clips and 6 video formats for every clip.  If you use a dial-up modem, look at a picture or download a clip very patiently (expensive if your modem dials long - distance).  If you have a broadband connection, click your favorite video format to watch a clip or download it to your hard drive for personal use.  Each clip plays about 15 to 30 seconds.

Many Windows users like the WMV format.  Our WMV clips are 1-3 MB and 320 x 240 pixels (low resolution).  Mac users can visit Microsoft Corporation  to obtain a Windows Media Player.

The MOV clips can be played on PC's or Macs by most versions of the QuickTime player.  Our MOV clips are 2-6 MB and 480 x 360 pixels (medium resolution).  Visit Apple Computer, Inc.  to obtain QuickTime 6 or 7. Use the left and right arrow keys to advance single frames - a QuickTime advantage.

Our MP4 clips are 2-6 MB and 640 x 480 pixels (high resolution).  Based on h.264, they download as quickly as MOV clips but require a fast computer ( > 1 GHz) running Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X v10.3.9+ and QuickTime 7 to play.  Visit Apple Computer, Inc.  to obtain or upgrade to QuickTime 7.

The MPG clips can be viewed by almost all media players and Internet browsers.  Our MPG clips are 1-3 MB and 320 x 240 (very low resolution) and download quickly.

The RM clips were designed to be played by the Real Player.  Our RM clips are 1-3 MB and 320 x 240 pixels (low resolution).  Visit RealNetworks, Inc.  to obtain a Real player for PC's or Macs.

The SWF clips use the Shockwave plug-in preinstalled on many browsers.  Our SWF clips are 1-2 MB and 320 x 240 pixels (very low resolution) and download quickly.  Visit Macromedia, Inc.  to obtain Shockwave for Macs or PC's.

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Anax juniusCommon Green Darner
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Libellula vibransGreat Blue Skimmer
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Pachydiplax longipennisBlueDasher
     jpg1  jpg2  WMV  MOV  MP4  M4V  MPG  RM  SWF  what   when   where   state   who
Orthemis ferrugineaRoseate Skimmer
     jpg1  jpg2  WMV  MOV  MP4  M4V  MPG  RM  SWF  what   when   where   state   who