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IBC Anna's Hummingbird video of female type visiting feeder in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-29
IBC Greater Pewee video of adult looking around then flying in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-30
IBC Chihuahuan Raven video of immature calling while adult preens in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-29


   Rare Pair seen 35 miles SW of Corpus Christi, Texas, at least 1000 feet offshore
   Identifying an Eastern Chipmunk is easy,
       but a fledgling Eastern Phoebe isn't
     I was filming the phoebe when the chipmunk walked into the view.
   Another hawk, again not a Zone-tailed, but instead a Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk...
       an immature at Mitchell Lake, San Antonio, TX
     ID'd from video recorded hours after the event (morning of 29 November 2008)
   not a Zone-tailed Hawk, not a Red-tail, and not even a Harlan's Red-tail...
       Instead, it was an immature White-tailed Hawk at Mitchell Lake, San Antonio, TX
     ID'd by MMS from video shot 3 days earlier (3 May 2008) during the Audubon Sanctuary's Bird-a-thon!
   The 4th really southern flycatcher reported for Texas in 3 months
       Piratic Flycatcher at a Pollywog Pond mulberry tree (near Corpus Christi)
     Discovered on 3 May 2008 by Gene Blacklock just in time for Sunday crowds
   Sandia Crest, New Mexico, Elevation 10,678 feet, Temperature 10°F, Wind Chill -39°F
       Rosy-Finches around the Crest House Gift Shop and Restaurant on 8 January 2008
     one HDV 1080p clip slowed to 1/10 speed - all others resized to 640 x 480p (DV resolution)
   Some rare and uncommon swimmers for central Texas 
       Black Scoter, Common Goldeneye, Horned Grebe, and an odd Eared Grebe
     Lake Pflugerville sketched onto a Google Earth image of NE Austin
   Knocked out of the sky by Tropical Storm Erin? 
       Long-tailed Jaeger taped 18 August 2007 near San Antonio, Texas
     Interrupted (perhaps) on its flight from the Arctic to high seas off of South America?
     Discovered by Martin Reid on 17 August 2007 at Braunig Lake in Bexar County, Texas
   66 samples of Iridescence
     27 species from California, Texas, Louisiana, México, and Guatemala
   Birds showing various degrees of head molt
     Note the dark carpal bar on some
   Striking plumage in a young hawk
     Full frames using Flash
   28 Texas rarities    from all parts of the state since March 2002
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