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IBC Sora video of adult foraging while walking in Texas USA on 2009-m04-25
IBC Black Skimmer video of adult plowing gulf waters in Texas USA on 2009-m04-25
IBC Forster's Tern video of adult diving catching fish in Texas USA on 2009-m04-24
IBC Black Tern video of immature flying over Mitchell Lake marsh water in Texas USA on 2008-m07-26
IBC Green Heron video of adult diving unsuccessfully in Texas USA on 2009-m04-26
IBC Greater Pewee video of adult looking around then flying in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-30
IBC Thick-billed Kingbird video of adult juggling delicious fly in Arizona USA on 2009-m08-01
IBC Western Kingbird video of adult looking around then flying away in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-29
IBC Black-capped Gnatcatcher video of male foraging near immature in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-31
IBC Black-capped Gnatcatcher video of adult male foraging in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-31
IBC Black-capped Chickadee video of adult eating tiny insects along tamarack branch in Minnesota USA on 2008-m05-17
IBC Canyon Towhee video of immature left adult right foraging in Arizona USA on 2009-m07-29
IBC Blackburnian Warbler video of male eating caterpillar in Texas USA on 2009-m04-25
IBC Yellow-throated Warbler video of male eating worm while singing in Illinois USA on 2008-m06-02
IBC Cerulean Warbler video of male inspecting foliage in Texas USA on 2009-m04-19


   Identifying an Eastern Chipmunk is easy,
       but a fledgling Eastern Phoebe isn't
     I was filming the phoebe when the chipmunk walked into the view.
   The 4th really southern flycatcher reported for Texas in 3 months
       Piratic Flycatcher at a Pollywog Pond mulberry tree (near Corpus Christi)
     Discovered on 3 May 2008 by Gene Blacklock just in time for Sunday crowds
   First a female (27 April 2008), followed by a male a week later (2 May)
       COMING SOON: Hudsonian Godwits visit the same basin at Mitchell Lake
     Watch the phalaropes try to distract him.
   Long-distant migrant, on its way back from Argentina or adjacent countries
       Swainson's Hawk hovering above a tractor
     Not shown - the tractor and the other hawks migrating as a group
   In the same tree at WarblerWoods where a female was videotaped last May
       Cerulean Warbler - a male!  Scroll down 15 paragraphs for video of that female
     A very slow Shutter speed (used in very shady conditions) still stopped his wings and tail.
   A species much easier to find in Europe
       a Ruff wanders to central Texas
     Notice her ruffled feathers - blowing in the wind!
   Rare bird visits The Nature Conservancy Lennox Foundation Southmost Preserve (Texas)
       a Fork-tailed Flycatcher in High-definition and Regular Video
       --AND 20 still frames from the video clips
      Discovered by Chris Butler and Max Pons on 16 March 2008 on this south Texas preserve
      200+ observers saw this bird by the time it departed on 30 March, 2 weeks later
      Max Pons, Brad McKinney, Mary Gustafson, David Bend, George Colley assisted birders.
   Some rare and uncommon swimmers for central Texas 
       Black Scoter, Common Goldeneye, Horned Grebe, and an odd Eared Grebe
     Lake Pflugerville sketched onto a Google Earth image of NE Austin
   Some Fall migrants in San Antonio, all starting with "S" 
       Summer Tanager and Sanderling and Say's Phoebe
     Lone birds en route to their wintering grounds.
   Local birders discover two more rarities in Texas 
       Gray Kingbird and Masked Duck taped 11 November 2007 northwest of Corpus Christi, Texas
     This long-billed kingbird species normally occurs in the West Indies and Central and South America.
     This species of duck is tropical, too, occurring in Texas primarily during wet years.
   Knocked out of the sky by Tropical Storm Erin? 
       Long-tailed Jaeger taped 18 August 2007 near San Antonio, Texas
     Interrupted (perhaps) on its flight from the Arctic to high seas off of South America?
     Discovered by Martin Reid on 17 August 2007 at Braunig Lake in Bexar County, Texas
   Rarity for the 2007 America's Birdiest Inland Large City Competition...
     Discovered by Sheridan Coffey, with Martin Reid
   Some March birds from Arizona's Chiricahua Mountains
     But if you want hummingbirds, go to the next link
   Videos of a different style
     Full frames using your browser's Flash plug-in
   Striking plumage in a young hawk
     Full frames using Flash
   McCown's Longspur, Sprague's Pipit, and Mountain Plover:
     Full frames using Flash
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